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nanoActiv Desinfic spray

nanoACTIV – desinfic, cosmetic product for hands

Cosmetic product containing disinfection additives
A cosmetic product in the form of aerosol designated for hand disinfection. Supports skin protective barrier. Smoothens skin, maintains its strength and prevents its drying. Provides fast antibacterial protection. The below-described product application method helps reduce microbial contamination level including viruses. Recommended for repeated daily use when in contact with potentially infected items and surfaces. Always use upon travelling, in public transportation means, when shopping and handling money, after using WC etc.
Instructions for use: spray once to twice on your palms. Rub in thoroughly, then wipe off e.g. using a paper tissue and then spry once to twice again and let dry.
DESINFIC contains a formula of compounds in the form of a hydrophilic solution with significant antimicrobial and antimycotic effects. These compounds simultaneously create a skin protective barrier and prevent its drying. These compounds deliver a hydrating effect, which results in a thin flexible film on skin surface. This active ingredient formula is absolutely safe for the given purpose and offers high skin compliance and a low level of contact irritation. Offers repeated product application even within the duration of several hours.
One of the advantages of the DESINFIC cosmetic product is easy application. Another advantage is the compact size of retail package – it can be permanently readily available, namely when travelling or any daily activity, e.g. in a handbag or another hand luggage.
DESINFIC contains:
  • Chlorhexidine digluconate in the concentration applied provides a significant bacteriostatic and antimycotic effect.
  • PEG 12 – Dimethicone creates a thin protective film on skin, which is, as opposed to skin grease, non-greasy, breathing, and yet sufficiently protective of hand skin.
  • Combination of urea, glycine amino acid, and further glycerine and allantoine strengthens the natural skin factor, the so-called NMF (natural moisturizing factor). This formula supports skin smoothness, has a significant water-binding property and protects skin from drying. These compounds also increase antimicrobial and antimycotic effects of the product by skin long-term moisture retention.
  • Mixture of water and ethanol is the dominant ingredient of this cosmetic product. These two compounds together create a hydrophilic solvent. The combination induces higher solubility of some substances, thereby increasing the product disinfecting effect. Another advantage is faster evaporation of water in combination with a volatile organic solvent, which leads to fast drying of the product immediately after its application on skin.
Application of DESINFIC in the form of aerosol is very handy, easy, fast, and non-contact. Upon low viscosity of liquid a very thin film is formed, which covers the entire skin surface. The advantage is namely the short period of drying of this thin film, usually a cope of dozen seconds.
  • Easy handling, simple and fast application
  • Product safety and high tolerance
  • Compact size of retail package, i.e. easy to carry in handbag or another hand luggage namely when travelling
  • Allows repeated application even within several hours
  • Safe and fast protection against bacteria, moulds and yeasts
  • Supports skin protective barrier
The main advantage of spray as opposed to commonly available gels is its simple and fast application, which can also be without any contact if necessary. Another undoubted advantage is reconstitution (drying) speed, which is several seconds, and no more than several dozen seconds. A thinner film is left on hands, so contamination of items grasped by hand is minimal. These advantages are especially valued upon frequently repeated application. As with gels, it is more focused on treatment of hands right after potential contamination. Preventative effects can also be expected, but only as secondary. Occasional infection may enter the thicker dry film after gel application (anti-microbial substance in dry state may not be effective) and thus, paradoxically, hands can be contaminated and microbes may spread to items contacted.
This cosmetic product is not classified as hazardous goods pursuant to applicable international regulations for air, sea and road transport as per the ADR 2007, IMDG-Code 33 – 06, IATA DGR 2008 classification.
The DESINFIC cosmetic product was developed in co-operation with the Polymer and Bio-Material Technology Workgroup, Pharmaceutical Technology Department, Pharmaceutical Faculty in Hradec Králové, Charles University.
Safety of the DESINFIC cosmetic product has been verified in accordance with applicable legislation by a person responsible for assessing the cosmetic product safety and is evidenced by Cosmetic Product Safety for Human Health Assessment. Disinfecting effectiveness of the DESINFIC product and its dermatological tolerance has been verified in co-operation with the State Health Care Institute in Prague.
Packaging and language
10 pcs of spray bottles in cardboard package, either in individual boxes for sale of individual spray bottles, or without boxes for wholesale buyers. 720 cardboard boxes on pallet. Currently Czech on spray bottle and Czech and Slovak on box. Language versions can be altered as ordered.

DESINFICO-microbiological test1
DESINFICO-microbiological test 2
DESINFICO-skin test

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