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Advertising cans

The company MaxDrinks s.r.o. offers the labelling and the sleeving of the cans what are used als advertising article.
It si possible to order the sleeving (coated of the products with sleev foil substituting a label) of the cans with the volumes 250 ml, 330 ml and 500 ml in company MaxDrinks s.r.o.
When a client uses for advertising article energy drink of the company MaxDrinks s.r.o., then there is no minimal quantity for order. When a client requires another drink for an advertising article, then there is minimal quantity for order 5000 pcs.
In case of beer als filling for advertising article is not given a minimal quantity for order.
The sleeving takes three days – one day for sleeving, one day for dryiny of sleevs and one day for packing of the cans.
The company MaxDrinks s.r.o. does not provide the sleevs and design of sleev.
You can order a labelling of cans with the volume 500 ml. For order of labelling are applied the same regules like for sleeving.

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